I frequently get asked why I have this site, what my interest in Kenya really is, and how this site came to be.

My name is Richard C Bowen (hence the “RCBowen”). I am indeed the same Richard Bowen who is involved in various things related to the Apache Web Server, including writing a couple books on that topic.

My parents were married in Kenya, in Kericho. They are US citizens, but have spent more time in Kenya than in the US, having been there from a few years after independence until the late 90s. While they have now returned to the US, their hearts are still more African than American.

I was born in Kenya – at Tenwek Hospital, near Bomet and Sotik, in Kericho district. My parents were working there, at Tenwek Secondary school.

We later moved to Kericho, where my parents worked at Kenya Highlands Bible College. They were under the umbrella of World Gospel Mission ( http://www.wgm.org ). I lived there until I was about 11 or 12.

I attended Kericho Primary School, and then went to St. Andrew’s School, a boarding school in Turi.

We lived briefly in Florida, while my parents got their doctorate degrees, and then we returned to Nairobi, where they worked at the Nairobi Evangelical Graduate School of Theology, on the road between Karen and Dagoretti.

I attended The Nairobi Academy, which is a few miles down the road from Hilcrest.

In 1988, I finished my O levels at Nairobi Academy, and moved to Wilmore, KY, for college at Asbury College ( http://www.asbury.edu/ ), and then went to the University of Kentucky for my masters degree.

During my time in College, Kenya amended the constitution to remove my status as a Kenya citizen. Prior to that, I would have had the choice, upon attaining the age of 18, between the two citizenships – Kenyan and United States of America. But, the change in the constitution removed even this choice.

It was while I was at UK that the WWW was invented. I started looking for Kenyans online, and was unable to find anyone. This was in late 1992 and early 1993. I started to put together a small web page about Kenya – mostly things from the latest edition of the almanac that I had. The original location of my Kenya site was http://ms.uky.edu/~rbowen/ but it is long gone.

When I graduated from UK in 1994, I taught for UK, and also for Asbury College, for a year, and UK let me keep my web space on the server at UK.

It was some time in here, I think, that I first put up the discussion forum. I originally used a free software package, written by Matt Wright, to do the board. The software was very buggy and limited, but it served the purpose for several years, until I rewrote it earlier some time in 1998.

In 1995, I started working for a small consulting company called AIC, and they asked me to start up and manage their website. Since I was no longer a student, my web space at UK was terminated, and I moved the site to the aic web site at http://www.aiclex.com/kenya/ This was a rather tentative period, because my employer was not aware that I had my site on their server.

In 1996, I finally registered my own domain name – rcbowen.com – and moved the Kenya site to its current location.

So, that’s a history of me, and this web site, and why I am interested in Kenya. I’ve always considered Kenya to be my home, although circumstances have prevented me returning there.

More about the site

This site is run on a purely volunteer basis, in my free time. I do not, at this time, run advertisements, nor take any kind of donations. However, a few kind individuals send me Kenya chai occasionally, to keep me going. If you’d like to run advertisements on the site, please feel free to contact me.