President Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi

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Daniel Moi 2 Sep 1924 Born at Kurieng'wo Village Sacho Location Baringo District North Rift Valley Province.


1934 Primary education at African Inland Mission School, Kabartonjo.
1938 AIM School, Kapsabet.
1942 Secondary education at Kapsabet AIM School and Government African School, Kapsabet.


1945 Teacher Training College, Kapsabet.
1945/47 Teacher at Tambach Government African School.
1948 Head Teacher at Kabamet Government African International School.
1949 Promoted to P2 Grade. Attended Teachers course at Kagumo.
1950 Attended In-Service course at Jean's School, Kabete.
1950/55 Assistant Principal, Tambach Teacher Training College, Kabamet.

Member of Parliament

1955 Elected Member of Legislative Council for Rift Valley.
1957/6 Re-elected member of Legislative Council for Baringo North.
1957/63 Chairman of Kenya African Democratic Union.
1961/63 Re-elected MP for Baringo North
1961 Attended Commonwealth Parliamentary Association course in UK.
Appointed Parliamentary Secretary to Ministry of Education.
Member of Kenya African National Union.


1962 Minister for Education.
1962/64 Minister for Local Government.
1963 Elected Member House of Representatives for Baringo North.
First President Rift Valley Region and Shadow Minister for Agriculture.
1964/67 Minister for Home Affairs.

Vice President

1966/78 Vice-President and Minister for Home Affairs.
1968/78 Leader of Govemment Business.


1978 Unanimously elected President of Kanu and Republic of Kenya. Launches the Nyayo philosophy of peace, Love and Unity.
1979 Re-elected unopposed MP for Baringo North and as President.
1979 Cabinet unanimously bestows Chief of the Golden Heart-the highest honour in the Republic.
1981 Elected Chairman of the 0rganisation of African Unity at 18th Heads of State Session in Nairobi.
1983 Jun-Hands over OAU Chairmanship to Ethiopian Head of State.
Aug Reelected unopposed MP for Baringo Central and as President. 1985 30th Anniversary of President Moi as an MP is recognised and hailed by the National Assembly.
1985 Honoured with Educations' Hall of Fame award by Pinky Brothers Museum in USA.
1986 Publishes book 'Kenya African Nationalism' on Nyayo philosophy.
1988 Re-elected unopposed and unanimously as the President.
1989 May UN confers an award for outstanding environment achievement.
1989 July Torches 12 tons of poached ivory in Nairobi National Park to save Kenyan elephants from poachers.
1990 Dec Announces the withdrawal of queue-voting at a Kanu Special Delegates Conference.
1991 Dec Introduces multi-party system to end a decade of one-party rule.
1992 Apr Reiterates that he will not remain the Head of State for life.
1992 Dec reelected as President in the first multi-party general election.
2002 Dec Steps down, to be replaced by President Mwai Kibaki, once his vice president

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