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The education system provides for eight years of primary, four years of secondary and four years of university education. This is referred to as the 8-4-4 system of education.

Currently, Kenya has five public and four private universities. There are three national polytechnics, 17 institutes of technology and 12 technical training institutions.

There are a number of international schools catering for various educational systems e.g. American, British, French, German, Japanese and Swedish.

Below are statistics comparing education levels at independence in 1963 and in 1994:

1963 1994
Enrolment (Primary)
891,553 5.43 million
Enrolment (Secondary)
31,120 0.52 million
Enrolment (Universities - public and private)
452 undergraduates (in one university college) 40,000 student population

There has been a corresponding increase in the number of schools and teachers.

Special Education : The Government also pays attention to education and training facilities to all disabled children. In providing Special Education, the Government works in partnership with Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs).

Adult Education : The Department of Adult Education in the Ministry of Culture and Social Services is the body charged with the responsibility of spearheading the campaign for the elimination of illiteracy and promotion of adult education for national development. Since independence, the level of literacy has risen from 30 per cent to 44 per cent for males (1992) and from 10 per cent to 60 per cent (1992) for females.