If I were Governor for Kisumu County

If I were Governor for Kisumu County

Postby Agamemnon » Fri Apr 18, 2014 11:11 am

It's been a long time since I was in Kisumu sity. It's got major potential...because it's been "neglected", the city's aesthetic hasn't been destroyed by "investors" - mawe fanatics who grab and build ugly structures everywhere. Basically it's still a relatively sleepy, organized not so congested city- Luopeans have a lifestyle related reputation- true or not, they must capture and sell Kisumu as the capital for all things Luopean...

I would encourage neighboring counties to form a LUOpean Economic Zone, develop a regional Economic Plan and pool county funds (chama) - revolving funds for infrastructure projects.

Would encourage GOR MAHIA and AFC LEOPARDS Football clubs to relocate to Kisumu...Help with tax incentives to build a modern stadium. Their core supporters are right there! KQ would love this idea -plane full of supporters travelling over the weekends to watch games and make quick visits to the village. Make these plans correspond with the completion of the standard gauge railway line....

Develop a specific economic plan around the lake -starting with a Boardwalk, modern fish processing plants, East and Central African Yachting/Boating destination...incentives such as safety of boats and free anchoring....etc

Maseno Univ should build a major campus in Kisumu....encourage all Luopean profs to move and teach at Maseno...use $$ and their LUO pride as incentive. Develop a database of all Luopean professionals across the world...and have them all as part of the Luopean Economic Council-solicit ideas from them and encourage them to relocate to the sity....remember the biggest luopeans are of asian descent and must be part of the plan..

Milk Lupita's fame- provide free land for her and friends to build a state of the art - Kisumu Drama and Film school - "where all dreams matter" affiliated to the Yale School. Encourage at least 1000 American students or more to spend a semester at the school...Best film school in Africa??

So many ideas....
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